Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage Therapy is an effective treatment tool for relieving a wide assortment of body pains and spasms. It is especially effective in treating back pain, knee pain, tension headaches, and for relaxation of muscles, reducing stress, and relaxing muscles. It helps stimulate a body’s immune system by stimulating the release of white blood cells.

Massage Therapy is an alternative therapy that helps stimulate blood flow and alleviates tension throughout the body. Yoga is a highly effective, natural and gentle way to enhance circulation through the body. It also helps to strengthen muscles and relax mind and body.

When done properly, massage can help the body relax, lowering the risk of spasms and releasing tight or contracted muscles. Certain massage techniques can even be therapeutic; for instance, Caress and automation massage are gentle massages that release stimulation of motor points. Other massage techniques include synchronistic massaging, which allows you to relax while being massaged.

Research has shown that massage does as much harm as good, helping to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and help to release toxins from body cells. That means massage can act as an analgesic, a source of comfort and relaxation, and a means of promoting healthy tissue growth and maintenance.

The benefits of massage include:

Stress reduction

Pain relief


Lowers heart rate

Reduces blood pressure and radicals

Increases circulation

Mental and physical stress is key to your overall health. Massage helps reduce your stress levels by easing the effects of stress and fatigue. How can stress cause health problems? The short answer is that stress makes up a big part of how the body functions. When we’re under stress, the body releases chemicals that cause blood vessels to tighten, constrict stomach muscles, and reduce the flow of oxygen to the brain. This can hinder our immune system and make us more susceptible to illness, making us sick, and again causing us to be more stressed.

It doesn’t really matter what type of massage you choose, but what matters is how you do it. Some types of massage are intense set-up to fully target a specific body area, whereas other types are low intensity set-up to help loosened up and stress free.

Personally, I enjoy a mix of all three types. I love to get an exotic massage, one that is deep, and intensive, but I also love the gentle touch of a light and gentle massage. I have personally had the chance to have great services in India, at a place called Sreevanti Spa in Mumbai. The massage was intense, as you might expect, but the yoga aspect was something new altogether. The sessions were relaxing, yet rigorous, and I felt relaxed after it all.

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